What a great opportunity to go out and support the booksellers, who have gone above and beyond to get books into the hands of keen readers,especially during the pandemic.A special shout out to Cărturești , who have championed my novel.Thank you,thank you,thank you!


This is a story filled with heart.It’s a journey so different from anything you’re ever read in the very best way, that I promise you it’s unforgettable.
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Today is the day! This story is going to get you. Make sure you watch this till the end. Excited to be talking about my new book”The Griffins And the Time Machine” ( Children s fiction literature).

Epic fantasy characters, incredible ensemble casts that you can love or hate and laugh with, will keep you reading late into night. The book is available in hardcover for sale on: Pravalia Cu Carti Libraria Dorian Gray

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It has been a journey to get here and I’m going to continue…

Thank you, God!